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Butter Production Process and Butter Machines

Butter production technology: 

Butter is processed from cream. The purpose of removing the cream; to reduce the volume of the substance to be clarified, to increase the capacity, to accelerate the churning process, to reduce the amount of churn and hence the oil loss. Butter processing technology in four stages occurs. These; o Processing the cream o Butter making o Processing butter o Packaging. 

As in all dairy products, the quality of the cream used as a raw material in butter production is important. In order to be purified from pathogenic microorganisms that may be present in raw milk, the milk is subjected to a pre-heating. After the milk is taken from the separator (separation of the cream from the milk), it is subjected to a preliminary examination. In this examination, especially the color, odor, appearance, acidity and oil level are examined. If necessary, it is standardized (oil level 30-35%). If the amount of acidity is high in the standardized cream, neutralization is performed. Acidity should be adjusted (neutralization) in order to make the cream resistant to pasteurization heat, increase the churning efficiency and extend the shelf life of the butter. For this process, certain alkaline substances are added (neutralizing substances with sodium, magnesium, calcium). 

Vacuuming is done in order to eliminate unwanted tastes and odors in the cream. Pasteurization is performed at a temperature of 95 0C or higher in order to destroy all pathogens, pathogens and enzymes in the cream to a large extent. Adding the desired taste, smell, and Starter cultures are used to increase yield (maturation). A controlled temperature program should be applied to the cream from which butter will be obtained (crystallization). After the ripening process, the cream is sent to the butter machine or to the butter. It is spread for 30 minutes at 8-10 0C. Fat particles released by physical action form butter in clusters. 

After churning, the agglomerated oil is kneaded vigorously and brought to the texture and consistency of butter. If salted butter is to be produced, salt is added to the mass (2%). It is ensured that the salt mixes into the oil homogeneously during kneading. 

Packing is done as the last step of butter production. The packaging material should not adversely affect the quality of the product, and it should be capable of preventing bacteriological contamination. should be selected. 

Butter; It is produced as pasteurized butter (breakfast), kitchen butter, melted butter (clarified butter).

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