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Standardization of Milk Fat


Quantity and composition of raw milk coming to the enterprise; It is affected by factors such as the breed of the animal, age, rearing conditions, seasons, temperature, humidity and light, lactation, udder slices, milking period and number, feed, mastitis disease. Depends on these factors In particular, there are changes in the amount of protein and fat in milk. If the milk coming to the factory is used in the production of dairy products without any pre-treatment, every A product of different quality and content is obtained in one production. Therefore, in order to reach the desired oil and dry matter values ​​in the final product and to produce the product at the desired standard, some adjustments (standardization) must be made in these components. This application It is a mandatory process both in terms of operating efficiency and in terms of production in accordance with legal rules. 

Standardization of Milk Fat 

Milk fat standardization is the process of adjusting the milk fat ratio to a certain ratio. 
The reasons for standardizing the fat ratio of milk; 

  Legal regulations in force, 
  Consumer demands, 
  Economic reasons, 
  Production of standard quality products

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