What kind of machine are you looking for?

Used Dairy Machines and Equipments

What are dairy machines and dairy equipments ? 

Dairy machines and dairy equipments are used to process milk in order to produce drink milk, yoghurt, cheese, butter, ice cream, desserts and milk powder derivatives. 

What sort of dairy machines and equipments are there ?

We generally chategorize dairy machineries and dairy equipments as listed in below; 

Pasteurizers & sterilizers 

Separators & centrifuges 

Homogenizers & High pressure piston pumps

Cheese process machines and equipments 

Yoghurt process machines and equipments 

Continuous butter makers & butter churns 

Ice cream freezers & Ice cream crystallizers

Margarine crystallizers & Margarine kombinators & Margarine perfectors 

Filling machines & Packing machines 

Membrane filtration plants such as microfiltration plants, ultrafiltration plants , nanofiltration plants , reverse osmosis plants.

Evaporators & Concentrators & Condensers

Spray dryers & Drum dryers & 

Why prefer used dairy machines and used dairy equipments ?

-  Less invest for the machines and equipments. 

-  High yield of return on invest. 

-  Fast delivery from stock, 

-  No waiting time for the units being manufactured. 

-  Already worked and tested in previous operation. 

Where to buy used dairy machines and used dairy equipments ?

SSPROCESS is the reliable supplier in the market since 35 years with a wide range of experience with used dairy machines and equipments. 

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